Weekly Update

We have started a few improvement projects around the course this week and should be finished by Friday the 8th.

  • Invergordon Road – We are adding River Rock to the east side of the road in-between the sidewalk and the golf courses chain fencing. This will create a cleaner look from the street and conform to the look of the west side of the road.
  • Doubletree Road – We will be installing formal landscaping on the south-west side of the road. The planting will match the community landscaping to the south.
  • Reseeding selected native areas – We are seeding 26 acres around the course. Our color mix will include –Capture
    • Addition of Pine Straw – We are going to be adding additional pine straw under the Pine trees. This is intended to cover any exposed soil and help prevent weed growth.
    • Formal Landscape #10 halfway house – We are planting, irrigating and topping with gravel the area in front of the halfway house.

Current maintenance:

  • The landscape team recently started working in the low flow area on #11 (far west side of course). They will be removing unwanted trees and plants – Salt Cedar, Desert Broom, Mexican Palo Verde, Arrow Weed and others.

Should you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us at aaron.thomas2@marriott.com or rob.bartley@marriott.com

Thank you.

Happy Earth Day from Camelback Golf Club!

The natural environment in Scottsdale is the greatest charm that makes our location a jewel in the desert. We take pride in our conservation efforts and in maintaining the natural surroundings which we inhabit.

Did you know that in 2014, the Camelback Golf Club cut water usage by 41.5 million gallons? And that is just the beginning. Marriott Golf has made the commitment to the Operation Pollinator practices, which creates natural habitats in the out-of-play areas in our Golf Courses. In a surge to save the world’s leading pollinators, the bees, our Ambiente Course at the Camelback Golf Club is one of those courses that is committed to creating homes for these important ecosystems.

For more information about Operation Pollinator, visithttp://www.operationpollinator.com/golf/

We are doing our part to keep our home on Earth flourishing! Have a wonderful day!JW Marriott Cambelback Inn Ambiente Course, #13 Tee Paradise Valley, Arizona United StatesPadre Hole 9 (3)CamelbackWildlife (5)Camelback Inn (13)Camelback Inn (30)

Weekly Update

Dear Ambiente Homeowner,

Our spring color around the golf course is beginning to change as our temperatures start to heat up. There are some new varieties of flowers that are now starting to bloom.

Shirley Poppies

picture 1picture 2

We have two different Flax flowers around the course – Blue and Scarlet.

Scarlet Flax

picture 3

Blue Flax

picture 4

Plains Coreopsis

picture 5

Our native grasses are also adding to the color.

Purple Three-awn is one of the most abundant varieties.

picture 6

Current maintenance:

  • The Palo Verde and Mesquite trees along Doubletree and Invergordon have been pruned; we also pruned all the trees that were planted in the Merill Cantatierra area.
  • Our landscape team has removed all the weeds in the native islands; these are the areas between the cart paths and turf. We are now focusing our weeding efforts around the tee boxes, our plans are to finish with tees by the 22 Once the tees are completed we plan to work on hole 18 backwards in the native perimeters along the homes.

Should you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us at aaron.thomas2@marriott.com or rob.bartley@marriott.com

Thank you.

You may be aware that on Wednesday, April 1st there were some fire and rescue vehicles in the vicinity of 56th Street and Mountain View.  About 3pm, one of our rangers, who was in that area patrolling, heard an explosion and saw a fire on the 13th hole of our Ambiente golf course.  Fortunately, a neighbor had already called 911 and the Phoenix Fire Department dispatched fire and rescue vehicles and the fire was put out immediately.  The Phoenix Fire Department has turned over the investigation to the Paradise Valley Police Department as it is being investigated as arson.

We are extremely disheartened that this occurred and, whether or not it was intentional, someone put our guests and our neighbors in harm’s way.  Please know that the safety of our guests and neighbors is extremely important to us and we are cooperating with the PV Police Department  in hopes that those  responsible for this heinous act will be brought to justice.

The following is a statement put out by Paradise Valley Mayor Collins:

“It is abhorrent that someone would attempt arson on the golf course. Eventually we hope that the police department will identify and make appropriate arrests in the case. If anyone has any information please contact the PD. You can reach the Community Resource Officer directly at (480) 348-3597.”

Weekly Update

Dear Ambiente Homeowner,

Welcome to our latest blog update regarding Golf Grounds efforts on the Ambiente golf course.

A concern of many homeowners around Ambiente was the removal of all the trees during the construction of the new course. Currently there are hundreds of young native trees coming up around the course. We will selectively remove unwanted and invasive species. Our goal is to have trees native to Arizona and the Sonoran desert. The desired trees will be thinned to ensure proper spacing and development.

Although not as abundant there are also two species of desirable Palo Verdes on the course.

These are not to be confused with – Mexican Palo Verdes that are coming up around the course. This variety of Palo Verde is considered invasive and will be removed by our landscaping team. – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parkinsonia_aculeata

We also have Creosote bushes coming up around the course; these plants are what give the Sonoran desert the unique smell after a summer rain. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larrea_tridentatapicture 3

Current maintenance:

  • The perimeters have now been mowed through holes 15 with completion scheduled next week.
  • Next week our landscapers will be starting on 18 perimeters and working backwards. Their focus will be on weed removal and trimming dead plant material.

Should you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us at aaron.thomas2@marriott.com or rob.bartley@marriott.com

Thank you.

Weekly Update

Dear Ambiente Homeowner,

Welcome to our new blog regarding Golf Grounds efforts on the award winning Ambiente golf course.  The purpose of this blog is to keep you informed about the happenings on the golf course.  Each week we will be updating the blog with photos and informational content such as weekly maintenance practices.  In addition to our general maintenance, we will identify specific areas on the course where we will be focusing our efforts.  We welcome your input and feedback about the golf course.

We are in the full swing of spring and the Native areas around the golf course are coming back to life. As many of you can see the flowers are starting to come up around the course.picture 1

The majority of the flowers seen around the golf course are native to Arizona. Below is a list of the most visible flowers now through this fall when temperatures cool back down.chart

These flowers will all reseed, meaning at the end of their flowering cycle they will produce viable seed for next year’s color. We are currently mapping out areas around the course to add additional flower seed to provide even more color and beauty throughout the course.

The warm season native grasses are also starting to come out of winter dormancy. We have begun mowing off the brown seed heads so that the grasses begin to regenerate. Below is a picture of an area that was mowed a week ago.picture 2

You can see the new grass blades emerging out of the crown of the plant. As the temperatures rise over the next couple of weeks the grasses will quickly green up. We have currently mowed the perimeters of the course thru holes 1-9.

We are also in the process of hiring additional landscapers designated to the Ambiente native areas. They will be tasked with weed removal, trimming trees and bushes, and overall upkeep.

Additionally, the week of 3/9 we trimmed trees along Invergordon and trimmed along Doubletree as well.

Next week we will update everyone on the mowing of the native perimeters.

Should you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us at aaron.thomas2@marriott.com or rob.bartley@marriott.com

Thank you.


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