Dear Ambiente Homeowner,

Welcome to our new blog regarding Golf Grounds efforts on the award winning Ambiente golf course.  The purpose of this blog is to keep you informed about the happenings on the golf course.  Each week we will be updating the blog with photos and informational content such as weekly maintenance practices.  In addition to our general maintenance, we will identify specific areas on the course where we will be focusing our efforts.  We welcome your input and feedback about the golf course.

We are in the full swing of spring and the Native areas around the golf course are coming back to life. As many of you can see the flowers are starting to come up around the course.picture 1

The majority of the flowers seen around the golf course are native to Arizona. Below is a list of the most visible flowers now through this fall when temperatures cool back down.chart

These flowers will all reseed, meaning at the end of their flowering cycle they will produce viable seed for next year’s color. We are currently mapping out areas around the course to add additional flower seed to provide even more color and beauty throughout the course.

The warm season native grasses are also starting to come out of winter dormancy. We have begun mowing off the brown seed heads so that the grasses begin to regenerate. Below is a picture of an area that was mowed a week ago.picture 2

You can see the new grass blades emerging out of the crown of the plant. As the temperatures rise over the next couple of weeks the grasses will quickly green up. We have currently mowed the perimeters of the course thru holes 1-9.

We are also in the process of hiring additional landscapers designated to the Ambiente native areas. They will be tasked with weed removal, trimming trees and bushes, and overall upkeep.

Additionally, the week of 3/9 we trimmed trees along Invergordon and trimmed along Doubletree as well.

Next week we will update everyone on the mowing of the native perimeters.

Should you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us at or

Thank you.