Dear Ambiente Homeowner,

Welcome to our latest blog update regarding Golf Grounds efforts on the Ambiente golf course.

A concern of many homeowners around Ambiente was the removal of all the trees during the construction of the new course. Currently there are hundreds of young native trees coming up around the course. We will selectively remove unwanted and invasive species. Our goal is to have trees native to Arizona and the Sonoran desert. The desired trees will be thinned to ensure proper spacing and development.

Although not as abundant there are also two species of desirable Palo Verdes on the course.

These are not to be confused with – Mexican Palo Verdes that are coming up around the course. This variety of Palo Verde is considered invasive and will be removed by our landscaping team. –

We also have Creosote bushes coming up around the course; these plants are what give the Sonoran desert the unique smell after a summer rain. 3

Current maintenance:

  • The perimeters have now been mowed through holes 15 with completion scheduled next week.
  • Next week our landscapers will be starting on 18 perimeters and working backwards. Their focus will be on weed removal and trimming dead plant material.

Should you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us at or

Thank you.