Dear Ambiente Homeowner,

Our spring color around the golf course is beginning to change as our temperatures start to heat up. There are some new varieties of flowers that are now starting to bloom.

Shirley Poppies

picture 1picture 2

We have two different Flax flowers around the course – Blue and Scarlet.

Scarlet Flax

picture 3

Blue Flax

picture 4

Plains Coreopsis

picture 5

Our native grasses are also adding to the color.

Purple Three-awn is one of the most abundant varieties.

picture 6

Current maintenance:

  • The Palo Verde and Mesquite trees along Doubletree and Invergordon have been pruned; we also pruned all the trees that were planted in the Merill Cantatierra area.
  • Our landscape team has removed all the weeds in the native islands; these are the areas between the cart paths and turf. We are now focusing our weeding efforts around the tee boxes, our plans are to finish with tees by the 22 Once the tees are completed we plan to work on hole 18 backwards in the native perimeters along the homes.

Should you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us at or

Thank you.