We have finished our improvements to the areas below.

  • Invergordon Road – We are adding River Rock to the east side of the road in-between the sidewalk and the golf courses chain fencing. This will create a cleaner look from the street and conform to the look of the west side of the road.1 2 3
  • Doubletree Road – We will be installing formal landscaping on the south-west side of the road. The planting will match the community landscaping to the south.4 5 6
  • Reseeding selected native areas – We are seeding 26 acres around the course. Our color mix will include –grid 1 Grid 27 8 9

We have germination occurring in the scour areas in the low flow channel as well as the outer perimeters of the golf course. These plants will grow over the next couple months and hopefully be flowering by August.

  • Formal Landscape #10 restroom – We are planting, irrigating and topping with gravel the area in front of the restroom.10 11
  • Addition of Pine Straw – We are going to be adding additional pine straw under the Pine trees to cover any exposed soil and help prevent weed growth. – Awaiting delivery of Pine Straw, estimated completion July 1st.

Current maintenance:

  • The landscape team continues to work on removing noxious and invasive weeds in the low flow – Salt Cedar, Desert Broom, Mexican Palo Verde, Arrow Weed, Mayor’s Tail, Thistle and many others.