These are some of the seeded summer plants starting to grow and flower nicely.

Desert Senna1Golden Dyssodia

Tansy/Prairie Aster

Desert Marigold (yellow flower) and Firewheel (red flower)

Golden Dyssodia (small yellow flowers) and Arizona Poppy (orange flower)

Desert Verbena (purple flowers)and Firewheel (red flowers)6

Firewheel (red flowers), Golden Dyssodia (small yellow flowers) and Desert Zinnia (white flowers)
7Desert Zinnia (white flowers)
8Desert Zinnia (white flowers)


Our seedlings from the May seeding are continuing to develop around the course. From a distance it’s hard to see any improvements but when you take a closer look the plants are growing.


Current maintenance:

  • The landscape team continues to work on removing invasive weeds – Salt Cedar, Desert Broom, Mexican Palo Verde, Arrow Weed, Mayor’s Tail, Thistle and many others. They are currently on #7 perimeters.