All of the Jojobas have been planted for 2 weeks now and are doing very well.1

For some info on Jojobas check out –

Current maintenance:

  • We will start preparing for overseeding on September 21 and close down September 28th – October 16th for seeding.
  • The landscape team continues to work on removing invasive weeds – Salt Cedar, Desert Broom, Mexican Palo Verde, Arrow Weed, Mares Tail, Thistle and many others. The team has currently completed around tee boxes 2-9, 18 and is currently working on 17 tees.
  • We have begun mowing down the native perimeters and islands to 8”-10” in height. This will help regenerate new growth from the grasses and disperse the seeds from the wildflowers. We anticipate this process to take 3 weeks. In some of the thicker areas we will harvest the wildflower and grass seed to reseed the thinner/weaker areas in the low flow channel. We did this last year on the left side of #4 fairway and had great success.2