Overseeding is just around the corner –

  • Ambiente
    • Closed September 28 thru October 16
    • The course will be seeded by October 4th.
    • Cart Path Only until November 7
  • Padre
    • Closed October 19 thru November 6
    • The course will be seeded by October 24th.
    • Cart Path Only until November 26

Current maintenance:

  • We have started scalping down the roughs on Ambiente for over seeding. Will be performing this in sections, all holes from the Club House to Invergordon Rd, then Invergordon Rd to Doubletree Rd and finishing everything west of Doubletree Rd. We plan to have this completed by 9/27.
  • The landscape team continues to work on removing weeds – Salt Cedar, Desert Broom, Mexican Palo Verde, Arrow Weed, Mares Tail, Thistle and many others. They are currently working on hole 8 and heading east down the low flow channel.
  • The mowing of the native perimeters and islands is going well, we have 10-14 to go and then will begin mowing around the tee boxes and fairway edges. This will help the grasses regenerate new growth and disperse the seeds from the wildflowers.12