We are about to wrap up our roadway beautification project. We have planted 230, 5 gallons plants along the roadways to increase color and texture as you drive through the golf course corridors. Below are the three species we planted:

Red Yucca – Hesperaloe parviflora1Texas sage –  Leucophyllum frutescens2Desert Spoon – Dasylirion wheeleri3These plants will provide more year round color and match the existing plants that are already in the common areas along the sidewalks.

We have also reseeded the along the roadways with a wildflower seed mix to increase color and diversity. Here is what is included in this seed mix:

Arizona poppy – 2#/A                       Prairie aster – 1#/A

Brittlebush – .75#/A                    Fairyduster   – 1#/A

Desert verbena –  2#/A                       Plains coreopsis – 1#/A

Desert zinnia –  2#/A                       Scarlet flax –  1#/A

Indian blanket –  1.5#/A                    Desert Senna –  2#/A

Golden Dyssodia –  1#/A                       Shasta daisy – 1#/A

Bladderpod – 2#/A                       Globe mallow – 1#/A

Desert marigold –  3#/A

Should you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us at Aaron.Thomas2@marriott.com or Filippa.McDougall@marriott.com

Thank you,

Camelback Golf Club