We are going to begin mowing down the native perimeters of the golf course within the next couple weeks. We’ll be completing the course in sections. The first section will be between  the Golf Club House and Invergordon Rd, the second section will be between Invergordon and E Doubletree Ranch Rd and lastly west of Doubletree Ranch Rd. This process will take us 2-3 weeks to complete.  If you notice any extra debris, you’ll see our team out there cleaning following the mowing.

This is an important practice for several reasons.

  • It helps spread/disperse the flower and grass seeds to fill in thin or weak areas.
  • Adds organic matter to the soils, this helps to hold moisture and recycle nutrients.
  • It thins and shortens the canopy from the summer’s growth.

The summer rains deposit a tremendous amount of tree seeds from the surrounding communities onto the golf course, which germinate and create what we call “volunteer” trees. Our landscape team will begin removing/thinning the “volunteer” trees in the low flow areas starting at the far west end of the course. We will leave the larger trees and other desirable “volunteers” in locations that don’t affect the playability of the course. This process will take us several weeks to complete as well.

Should you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us at Aaron.Thomas2@marriott.com or Filippa.McDougall@marriott.com.

Thank you,

Camelback Golf Club